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False Alarms

Every false alarm distracts your Armed Response Officer from responding to positive incidents. Positive incidents account for less than 1% of actual reponses. If you do set your alarm off accidently please phone your Armed Response company to cancel the activation.

  1. Finger trouble. The alarm is activated while arming/disarming the system. Remedy – Familiarize yourself with the system, or call the alarm installation company.
  2. Doors and windows not secured correctly. Activations can be caused by draughts or wind. Remedy –Secure all doors and windows properly before setting the alarm
  3. Technical malfunction. The system has a fault and thus generates false signals. Remedy – Call the alarm installation company and rectify.
  4. Incorrect installation. Incorrect use of detection devices such as internal detection devices being used externally. Remedy – Use an approved installer.
  5. Insects. Ants and spiders can nest in devices. Remedy – Have your alarm system inspected, tested and serviced regularly.
  6. Sun reflection. Sunlight may shine directly onto or reflect onto infra red detection devices and cause them to activate. Remedy – Call the alarm installation company and rectify.
  7. Foliage for outside detectors. External beams require line-of-sight between them. Remedy – Ensure that external beams are not impeded by foliage and if necessary trim.
  8. Animals and pets. Animals are kept in homes that do not have “pet friendly” detection devices. Remedy – Call the alarm installation company and upgrade the alarm system to accommodate the pet requirements
  9. Forgetfulness (ie that the alarm is armed). Client forgets that the system is armed and the alarm is activated while entering or exiting the residence. Remedy – Have LED indicators installed to show that the system is armed.
  10.  Children. Children are able to reach and press panic buttons. Remedy – Educate children to use the panic buttons correctly, or raise the height of these buttons.

This security message is courtesy of Coastal Security Services