The BUZZER Community Safety Smartphone App allows DASCRO members to seek urgent help and to report suspicious activity and other incidents directly from their phones. BUZZER is available for two members of each household that have pre-registered with DASCRO and paid a voluntary membership fee.

BUZZER automatically geolocates/pinpoints your location when using the app.

Alerts go directly to the DASCRO’s rapid response team/control facility and F-ADT as well other BUZZER users in the DASCRO area.

The app works in surrounding greenbelts, the beach and most mountain ranges that have cell phone signal, making Buzzer the perfect adventure-buddy.

Users can get help in an emergency by pushing the SOS button.

Join DASCRO and install BUZZER

In situations where it isn’t an immediate emergency, users also have the option to report and incident to give more information about the situation. Here are some of the options:


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