Cameras For DASCRO

Cameras for DASCRO

Surveillance Cameras

We have finally managed to get an extremely reasonable quote for 10 cameras to be strategically placed to cover the most vulnerable spots and to provide the best coverage possible.  These are of the highest quality that should withstand our coastal weather, together with analytics, a server and inclusive of installation costs.

The cost of this system is R420,000.00 (R42 000.00 per camera).  In addition we have been offered free 24/7 hour monitoring by a Security Company of a DASCRO member.

We have drawn up a map of the main access points to our area as an indication of what the camera network will look like and how it might extend in time as cash permits. See diagram below.

The suggested priority is based on the more vulnerable general access points into our area and the movements of the more recent nocturnal visitors.  Final placement priority will be based on the amount of money raised and professional input.

So, the time has come to request funds from our members.  Ideally member donations of R2,000.00 per household would cover costs; however we will appreciate whatever members can afford. We ask businesses such as B&B’s to consider donating more as this could be put through as a business expense.  If you are able, please make a deposit to our account and don’t forget to leave your name as a reference.

Should anyone require/need more information as to what the system is please feel free to contact Mark Edwards at 083 675 6330.

Bank Details:  DASCRO Neighbourhood Watch, Nedbank (Longbeach), Current Account Number 1250060052
Beneficiary Reference: Your Name, Erf No.







raised of a R420,000 goal

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